Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Days Worth of Dovetails

Okay people so there is hope out there. A couple of weeks ago I couldn't cut a dovetail to save my life. Today I got a rough carcass and 3/4 of a drawer done. They are super rough, but I was doing that so I could practice filling in the gaps during glue up...ha

This piece will eventually sit on cabriole legs and will have some sort of asymmetrical form carved into the top and bottom... Stay tuned, I am experimenting on paper right now with some asymmetrical forms that are inspired by the very symmetrical forms found in shaker furniture.

So keep practicing dovetails there is hope, they get better every time you do it... you just gotta do it. Oh yeah and get a good saw. I have the Lie-Nielsen progressive pitch, and a couple other boutique ones... If you gently guide this saw it dives down to your layout line with almost no effort. The brass back is a really good indicator for plumb, it's weight makes it my favorite of the bunch, and I'm sure you know the bunch that I am talking about. I too surf all the woodworking websites too much as well...

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